Gazza's Tears England 1990 World Cup Photo Memorabilia

Gazza's Tears England 1990 World Cup Photo Memorabilia

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You can own one of the most memorable images from the 1990 World Cup. Gazza wipes tears away after defeat by West Germany at the 1990 World Cup in Turin, Italy.

This magnificent photo also features a short description of the event within the white border, although please note that the canvas prints are borderless and therefore do not include this description. The images are printed onto high quality photo paper or canvas in the following sizes:

  • 21cm x 30cm (11.75" x 8.25" inches)
  • 42cm x 30cm (16 " x 12" inches)
  • 48cm x 33cm (19 " x 13" inches)
  • 46cm x 30cm (18 " x 12" inches)*
  • 61cm x 41cm (24 " x 16" inches)*

We can supply the image as photo only, framed (wood frame - see framing options), and on ready to hang, fade resistant canvas.
(* canvas only at the moment). Canvas prints are sent to UK addresses only.